E-Bike Review

Folding Electric Bikes

The portability, then the ease-ability of the fold makes a good electric folding bike. Portable e-bike will ride more like a regular bike, without feeling small but with the ability to pack down into tighter spaces for transport or storage.

Eahora X3

eahora x3 folding electric bike

Eahora X3 folding electric bike is powered by a 350W motor, and can reach top speed of 22 mph. The motor and intelligent controller are connected with E-PAS system. Effectively increase the cruising range by 40% at the same power and speed. It comes equipped with a Samsung 36V 10.4Ah removable battery with Key-Secured. Charging Time is 5 to 6 hours.


fiido d2s folding electric bike

FIIDO D2S electric bike is very lightweight and easy to fold, making it easy to store. You can easily put it in the trunk of any car, or you can put it in the corner of your home or office. 36V 7.8AH built-in lithium battery is built into the bicycle and can be removed with tools. The bike body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which is light and rustproof. The design of large wheels hub and rear shock absorber for improved road access and better comfort. It is equipped with a 250W high-magnification brushless motor.


ancheer folding electric bike

Ancheer is equipped with the 36V 8AH lithium-ion battery. Range of up to 15-30 miles. 26 inch wheels with anti-slip resistant thick tires are suited for trails, gravel, city streets, back roads. They offer increase hill-climbing power, further range variation, and greater terrain adaptability. With the LED 3-speed smart meter button, you can choose the electric assist power according to your needs. It’s powered by a 250W motor.

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